Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All

Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All

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Every slot machine player’s dream is to hit the jackpot at a higher chance than before. Hence, players find ways to trick the game. However on these Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All, most of these tricks, if not all, are myths the majority sticks to when playing the slot machine. Below are five common myths regular players believe in, and why they should get rid each off.

Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All

Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All
Five Slot Machine Myths and Why They Won’t Give Help At All
  1. Playing warm coins gives a higher win.

There is no underlying logic for this because the coin slot of the machine is mechanical and cannot detect the coin temperature especially when playing on an online slot website like Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Even if it could, there is no way the temperature can change the mechanism of the play. Besides, heating a coin with a lighter before playing it may only burn the player’s fingers.

  1. There is a pattern on the machine’s frequency to pay off.

Players believe that a machine that just paid out would most likely not pay out again even after thousands of spins. In the same way, a machine that hasn’t paid out for a long time is believed to pay out very soon. With this belief, it’s easy to say that a machine has a pattern where one could easily anticipate when it will pay off. While it’s statistically true that a machine will eventually pay off in the long run, each play has the same chance of winning. Simply put, every outcome is independent of all the results prior to it. So noticing the pattern of the outcomes would not make any sense on winning the next spin.

  1. Pulling the handle “right” will more likely guarantee a win.

Additionally, it is widely believed that pulling the handle is more likely a win than pushing the spin button. This is wrong since the outcomes depend on the Random Number Generator (RNG), which yields combinations on equal probabilities. So no matter how hard a player pulls the handle, there is no way he could control the spin to exactly hit the jackpot. Also, the chances won’t change whether he uses the handle or the spin button.

  1. The payout rate of a machine depends on its location in the casino.

Some rumors have it that the more loose machines are located on the aisles because they attract more players that way. Others have it that the machines with the highest payout rates are hidden in dark corners of casinos. In today’s casino market, these do not hold true. If there is any chance that a machine has a relatively higher payout rate, then there is no reason that a casino will hide it away since that machine will attract more players.

  1. Someone hit the jackpot. It could’ve been to the previous player if he kept playing longer.

This certain win cannot be foreseen since outcomes are unpredictable. However, there should be no regret upon losing the jackpot that could’ve been to the previous player. The RNG generates combinations which do not depend on turns. The combinations it yields vary every microsecond, meaning staying on the machine does not give the previous player the same combination that gives the current player the win since it is actually impossible to stop by the exact microsecond.

Remember: Only losers stick to myths. Slot machine wins are purely by chance. Wrong knowledge would only make losses worse. Good luck!

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