How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match

How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match

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Do you find it as thrilling to bet on boxing matches as the boxing match itself? But, you don’t know How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match? Don’t worry because the Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker but Boxing outcomes could be so unpredictable, making it hard for anyone to be certain on their bets. To help you decide which boxer you should bet on, here are useful tips for you to keep in mind for the next boxing match.

How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match

How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match
How to Bet Right in a Boxing Match
  1. An unfamiliar fighter does not guarantee a win to his opponent.

A fighter with a better reputation may appeal strongly to the audience, giving him more votes than his opponent. However, the unfamiliarity of the lesser known fighter does not limit his fighting skills. One perfect example of this is the match between World Boxing Council Super Flyweight defender Cristian Mijares and number one contender Jorge Arce, who was known for holding the longest running winning streaks for not losing a fight for seven years since July 1999. Prior the fight, betters would instinctively choose the record holder Arce over his less-heard opponent. However, Arce lost to Mijares when Mijares landed four to five punch combinations in the eleventh and twelfth rounds. In this case, bettors who lost at this instance lost their consideration of other factors that would determine the fight results, which will be discussed in the preceding tip.

  1. Know the fighter’s history and statistics.

A fighter’s history is not easily determined by his winning streaks or his number of wins or KO’s. It helps to determine which fighter to bet on by his prime and fighting style. How long has he been fighting in the ring? What of his strength and reflexes have retained in him? Who fought more competitive opponents?

Understanding a boxer’s fighting style will further help you determine who will most likely win a match. Notice how a fighter handles his opponent’s fighting style, then bet accordingly. Additionally, his training sessions are crucial, especially as a match approaches. A fighter with a better ground for training is more expected and more likely to win against someone with a poor camp.

Moreover, look into the background of a fighter. It is best to look at the last two or three matches, and evaluate who is more likely at his prime and who dominated. The frequency also determines the physical and mental health of a fighter when he engages in the ring, so his fight statistics is as crucial as his fight frequency and training intensity. It is always helpful to compare statistics between fighters to decide who is more likely to win.

  1. Forget your heroes.

Betting on boxing matches is not the right time to be a huge fan of a fighter. If you will place a bet and hope to win, then look into what contributes to a fighter’s win, not into his origin and your countrymen pride. Don’t let these proud moment cloud your judgments on placing your bet on the better fighter. In the same way, idolizing a fighter who fought very well years ago too much blinds your logic out, considering he might already be past his primes.

Keep in mind that boxing betting is more than a chance-based game. After all, boxing is not all about chance – it’s about skill. So use these skills to win your bets in the next matches.

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