The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years

The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years

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The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years, Ever wondered how the most played casino game started and developed over the years? See how technological advancement took place in the casino industry like in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. With a pool of thousands of these casino games to choose from today, the slot machine had gone too far since its invention.

The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years

The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years
The Slot Machine and Its Evolution Over The Years

The first poker gambling machine (1891)

Sittman and Pitt, a New York based company, developed the first slot machine in 1891. The machine, found in bars, had 5 drums, holding 10 playing cards per drum. One play would cost a nickel. A player received a payout if the reels line up poker hands. 2 cards – ten of spades and jack of hearts – were removed from the deck to reduce the chance of getting a royal flush. Wins are paid manually at the bar. These wins are non-monetary prizes such as drinks and cigars.

Liberty Bell (1895)

Charles Augustus Fey invented the first three-reeled slot machine. He considered the machine his greatest invention, which was already giving automatic cash payout. He replaced the cards with reels with five symbols – hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoe, and the liberty bell, which is still used up to the modern video slots. Three liberty bells would award the player ten nickels, the highest payout.By that time, Fey did not apply for a patent. As a result, many slot machine manufacturers copied his design.

Operator Bell (1907)

Since a new law emerged in 1902 that banned slot machines, the fruit machine commenced. Fruit symbols replaced the original symbols used in the Liberty Bell. Because of the slot machine ban, prizes were paid out in chewing gums and sweets. By 1907, Herbert Mills, a Chicago-based manufacturer, produced the Operator Bell, and later on was found in tobacconists, bowling alleys, shops, and salons.

It was for so many years that slot machines remained mechanical, composed of a spring that stretches when a player pulls down the lever and sets the reels in motion. This mechanism made players feel that they could control the outcome of the game, which made these machines popular. The lever gave life to the slang expression “one-armed bandits.”

Money Honey (1964)

Bally manufactured the first mechanical fruit machine. Still operated by pulling the lever, Money Honey was the first slot machine with a bottomless hopper, which could hold large quantities of up to 500 coins that make payouts much more impressive, along with a featured sound effect.

Fortune Coin (1976)

Technology advanced in 1976 that the Fortune Coin Company introduced the first video slot machine. The slot machine used a modified 19-inch Sony Trinitron color TV, and microchips control the slot machine functions, where symbols would appear on the screen from the actual physical reels of the previous designs. Players were skeptical then until after some proofing and modifications that made them catch up. It got approval from the Nevada State Gaming Commission and became hugely popular in Las Vegas Strip until IGT acquired the machine in 1978, revolutionizing the casino.

Mega Bucks (1986)

IGT invented the first progressive slot machine, which encouraged players to play for a life-changing jackpot prize. It was in 1987 when a Californian native won the jackpot worth 4,988.842 USD.

Online Slot Machines (1994)

Antigua & Barbuda pass the Free Trade & Processing Act which granted online casinos. Around the same time, a company called Microgaming was the first company to develop some gaming software called Cash Splash, which they later on launched in 1998. Simultaneously, another company named CryptoLogic developed online money transaction, which opened the first online gambling club in 1995.

The amazing machine continues to expand worldwide up to this day, as slot machines are now the most played game in casinos! Players are free to choose from a variety of traditional slot machines and modern progressive slot machines.


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