Tips To Improve Your Game On Ice Hockey

Tips To Improve Your Game On Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey is the most popular game after field Hockey. The northern hemisphere people on the planet are more inclined towards ICE Hockey than any other format of Hockey. Like every other game, it is important to know the basics of the game before watching it. The objective of the players or the team is to score more goals or points.

Tips To Improve Your Game On Ice Hockey

Gears to players

Ice Hockey is one of the dangerous games if not played properly, the floor is slippery and it is difficult for a player to avoid an accident because of the pace. Every player would be well shielded with guards and gloves to avoid injuries during an accident and enough skill set to avoid accidents tactfully.

Goalkeeper would literally be wearing double of other players’ gears. The puck is a small rubber disc, which is about three inches in diameter and very sensitive in sliding though people. The Goalkeeper’s job is a challenging one compared to any other goalkeeper of the similar game.

Tips To Improve Your Game On Ice Hockey
Tips To Improve Your Game On Ice Hockey

Rules of the game

Just like field hockey or football, this game plays with two teams of six players each. Five of the players defend and attack the opponents and the 6th player guards the goal post. The Winners would have scored more number of goals than the opponents. The game comes with 3 breaks of 20 minute duration each.

The Ice hockey Arena will be 200ft long and 85ft wide and divided into three parts. These parts will be separated by blue lines usually. The red lines on the arena are to divide the player portion of the space. The puck is dropped on the floor to indicate that the play is started.  Like other similar games, there will be a referee and his whistle indicates that the game should be paused or stopped. The punishment in the game is calculated from the time of stay in the punishment box or the player out time.

Fouls of the Game

The punishment can vary depending on the foul and it can vary from 2 mins to 5 mins. When the punishment is awarded to any player, the game must be continued without the player. This will end up team playing with one or more players short and acts as an advantage to the opponent team. It is difficult for referees to take a decision on fouls as players would be in full gears and it is just a matter of touch that would decide the foul.

Unlike general hockey sticks, Ice hockey sticks are little more bent and lengthier. The ice hockey sticks helps in dragging the ball on the ice floor easily and would not be struck on the floor.

Head protector and cushions are to be worn perfectly depending on the player’s weight and height. A hockey gears include leg cushions, helmet, arm guards, body shield and a pair of gloves that will make your job easy on the arena. It allows the player to skate hard and play securely.

How to handle an ice hockey stick?

It is very important to play the game in a comfortable way to score more goals and to put more focus on it. Apart from skating on the ice fluently, it is very critical to learn the art of swinging the ice hockey stick comfortably.

The Ice Hockey stick is lengthier than the regular one and bit slippery because of the weather conditions in the arena. Hold the stick from your non-dominant hand and should be on a firm grip but not tight. Players should have enough room to swing around and change directions according to the angle required.

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