Tips On How To Play The Game Basketball

Tips On How To Play The Game Basketball

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Basketball is a game where two teams with equal number of players fighting against each other in a sporting spirit to put the ball in the basket and the maximum score decides the winner. In Basketball, a player will have an opportunity to score anywhere between 1 to 3 points at every attempt depending on the place, where the player has taken the shot from.

Tips on how to play the game Basketball

Extending in a half circle, around 20 feet from the board on the court is called as “three point line”. If a player has taken a shot beyond “three point line” and the ball has been put in the basket successfully, then the player gets to take 3 points for his/her team.

Inside the Arc or “three point line”, if the shot has been taken by the player and the ball has been put in the basket successfully, then the player gets to take 2 points. Foul shots are worth about a point to each team, but can take a free throw from the free-throw line, which is around 4.6m from the board. Players will again be awarded free throws anywhere between one and three depending on the foul done during the shooting attempt.

Tips On How To Play The Game Basketball
Tips On How To Play The Game Basketball

Actual Playing rules

Dribbling and passing

Dribbling and passing is the only formula or strategy amongst the players to score more points. Dribbling is nothing but bouncing the ball by hitting on the ground and passing is nothing but throwing the ball from one player to another player from the same team.

Playing by the formula

Any player on the court cannot stand steady with the ball in hand or move around by having the ball in hand. The ball needs to be in play while the game is in playing mode. Players need to move along with the ball by dribbling or by passing it to the different player of the same team.

Move the ball by passing or dribbling to reach the hoop or board to put it in the basket. No player is allowed to move around with the ball without dribbling or passing. Players will have an opportunity to pass the ball by jumping, but the ball should not be there in the player’s hand when you come back on the ground. The player needs to be in a stationary mode with one foot on the floor or he/she needs to be dribbling continuously. Any player will be given a graceful step, where the player can take 2 steps without dribbling and anything more will be awarded as a foul.

How to dribble?

Dribbling is a challenging task given to a player while starting his career or while starting to learn basketball. Dribbling without being interrupted by the opponent is a bigger challenging task. Any player who has the knack of dribbling the ball efficiently will be able to progress in the game of basketball quiet easily and quickly.

The beginner will have to dribble the ball continuously for a span of 10 to 15 classes in order to get a hang of ball and its grip.

In order to start dribbling efficiently, the player needs to be in a correct and steady standing position, where the player should have enough room to play around on all sides or the player needs to make up the space for himself or herself. Grip on the ball plays an important role as the player will not have time to hold the ball properly and bounce it back again. The gaps between players, the accurate throw among players will have a positive feeling while dribbling as the opponent players would have shuffled and gets more room to take away the ball from the player who is playing defense for the ball.

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